“Solo” wins Audience Award in Rabat International Festival for Auteur Films

Rabat, SANA- The Syrian auteur film “Solo ” by Abdul Latif Abdul Hamid won the Audience Award of 23rd edition of Rabat International Festival for Auteur Films.

Premiered at the Festival, the film was widely welcomed by the audience, critics and journalists.
“Solo” film tries to explain what can be caused by coincidence of the stories of a man who does not lose the human sense in the war and the circumstances do not force him to ignore pain of a suffering stranger.

The hero of the film, Talal, is musician of a contrabass who meets a middle-aged man in a restaurant. The man suffers from prostate disease , as Talal sympathizes with him and takes him to the hospital where the moral dilemma begins. Talal has to help the man by covering the treatment costs while he suffers to gain everyday living costs.

The film stars are fadi Sbeih, Amal Arafah, Rana Shamsein.

Shaza, Rasha Milhem

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