Delegation of Syrian expatriates visit homeland, announce new aid shipment

Damascus, SANA – Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly Fahmi Hassan met on Saturday with a delegation of representatives of the Syrian community in Italy and members of the European Solidarity Front for Syria.

Addressing the attendees, Hassan said Syria is willing to cooperate with any country that shows seriousness about combating terrorism providing that the Syrian sovereignty is kept intact.

He expressed confidence that Syria will triumph over the terrorist organizations wreaking havoc in the country since 2011 thanks to the unity of the Syrian people and their support for the army.

Head of the Syrian community in Italy Jamal Abo Abbas said their visit to Damascus is aimed at voicing the expatriates’ solidarity with the homeland in the face of the terrorist war waged against it.

In line of the remarkable support Syrians abroad have been providing the homeland with since the outset of the crisis more than three and a half years ago, a new shipment of relief and medical supplies and two more ambulances will be arriving in Syria in the coming two days.

Haifa Said

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