Operetta reflecting Syrians’ resilience against terrorism in the works

Damascus, SANA – Preparations are under way for “The Syrian Dream” operetta written by the Ranim Basha and directed by Fouad Mukhtar.

The operetta is a musical film featuring the times of war in Syria through a story of a child whose father used to tell him about his dream of conducting an operetta titled “The Syrian Dream.”

The father martyred, but when the child grew up, he used his father’s operetta script left in the ruins of their destroyed house to make his dream come true.

The 40-minute operetta will take place in al-Abbasiyyin Square which had been under attack for years with the participation of more than 123 Syrian celebrities in addition to around 40 singers, and children from “The Voice Kids” TV program.

The operetta will be filmed in the coming days in the city of Darayya, Abbasiyyin Square, the Opera House, the universities and stadiums in Damascus to be screened next July at Dar Al Assad for Culture in Damascus and on TV for three months, before they move to the provinces.

The Syrian Dream is organized by Diala Company in cooperation with the Syrian Observatory for Media in addition to several national companies and ministries.

Emma /Manal

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