PM: Terrorism will be defeated in Raqqa

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said Raqqa province, which has been ravaged by terrorism, will soon be rid of the terrorists and have security restored to it.

During a meeting with a number of members of the People’s Assembly representing the northern province, al-Halqi affirmed that terrorism will be defeated in Raqqa while the people, army and leadership of Syria are united.

Talks during the meeting focused mainly on the need to rid the province of terrorism so that its residents can return back to their homes which they fled due to the acts of the extremist terrorists who have committed abhorrent atrocities there.

Premier al-Halqi highlighted the importance of the integrated role which the legislative and executive authorities could play to achieve a sustainable balanced development to help the people of Raqqa stick to their home areas and villages, in addition to activating the economic, agricultural and industrial activities all across the province.

Haifa Said

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