24 civilians martyred and injured in new massacre by Turkish regime troops in Afrin

Aleppo, SANA- 24 civilians were martyred and injured by the Turkish regime troops and mercenaries of terrorist groups who attacked Afrin area with various arms on Friday night, in a new violation of the UN Security Council resolution No.2401 on the cessation combat activities for 30 days.

Civil sources told SANA that 8 civilians were martyred and 12 others wereinjured, most of them women and children, when the Turkish regime troops and terrorist groups targeted with a tank shell a car transporting a number of civilians in Hajila village in Janderas district.

The sources added that the Turkish violent bombardment reacheda lot of villages in Shran and Janderasdistricts,causing damage to civilians’ houses and infrastructure.

Later, popular sources said that 4 civilians were injured in Maabatli district due to the continuous Turkish aggression on Afrin.

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