Syria strongly condemns terrorist attack on Egyptian pilgrims

Damascus, SANA – Syria condemned the attack on pilgrims in Egypt’s Minya region on Friday that killed 29 people, including women and children, in addition to injuring 25 others.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement on Saturday that Syria condemns the “appalling” and “barbaric” terrorist attack in the strongest terms.

The attackers fired on a bus carrying Egyptian pilgrims who were heading for St. Samuel Monastery in Minya region.

The Foreign Ministry’s statement voiced the Syrian government’s heartfelt condolences for the families of the victims and wishes of speedy recovery for the injured.

The terrorist operations committed by organizations such as ISIS and al-Qaeda in many of the Arab countries and other countries of the world are a proof that the phenomenon of terrorism, whose dangers Syria has repeatedly warned of, is aggravating, the statement said.

Such “cowardly” terrorist operations, it added, prove that the international community has not yet been up to facing these challenges because of lack of seriousness in fighting the terrorist organizations and following double standards.

Syria, the Ministry’s statement said, demands that the Security Council take immediate decisive measures towards implementing the Council’s resolutions related to fighting terrorism that is striking the world’s countries, mainly Syria, Egypt, Iraq and others, and bringing to account the countries that are supporting terrorism and terrorists with funds, armaments and training.

H. Said

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