Mustafa: Syria spent SYP 45 billion on Palestinian refugees in 2016 despite of war launched against it

Damascus, SANA- Director of the General Authority for Palestine Arab Refugees “GAPAR”, Head of the Syrian delegation to UNRWA Advisory Commission’s meeting Ali Mustafa stressed the importance of continuing the tasks of the UNRWA in alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian refugees till returning to their homes.

In a speech during UNRWA Advisory Commission’s meeting held in Amman on Thursday, Mustafa said that Syria deals with the Palestinian refugees in the same way it deals with the Syrian people along with preserving their Palestinian nationality.

He added that Syria usually affirms the importance of enhancing cooperation with the UNRWA and it provides all the required help and support to it to allow it to reach all the Palestinian refugees in the camps and others areas, in addition to providing all the possible facilitations to implement the plans of the humanitarian response.

“The Syrian Government spent about SYP 45 billion on the Syrian refugees in 2016 despite of the crisis and the war launched against the country,” Mustafa said.

He added that the Palestinian refugees are demanding to expel the terrorist organizations from some of the camps, and that they call for lifting the illegal sanctions imposed on the Syrian people which reflected very negatively on the Palestinian refugees in Syria.


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