Al-Sha’ar calls for achieving integration in work of internal security forces and upgrading efforts to enhance stability in all provinces

Lattakia, SANA- Interior Minister Mohammad al-Sha’ar stressed the importance of the integration in the work of the internal security forces and the necessity of exerting more efforts to contribute to enhancing stability in all the Syrian provinces.

During a meeting at Lattakia Traffic Department, Minister al-Sha’ar called for investing the efforts of the internal security forces optimally in a way that enhances the confidence between the state and the citizen.

He underlined the necessity of continuing the processes of training and qualification for the policemen, in addition to upgrading their professionalism and preventing the blackmail and corruption and combating the crime.

The Minister confirmed that the circumstances which Syria is passing through entails from the police service to shoulder its responsibilities in combating terrorism, in addition to its basic task in preserving the internal security.

“Israel, the US and their allies and agents in the region are the ones who are hatching conspiracies against Syria in an attempt to undermine its national and pan-Arab stances and its territorial integrity,” Minster al-Sha’ar said.

He called for providing more care for the martyrs’ families and for the wounded to guarantee all the requirements of the decent life for them.

R.J/ Ghossoun

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