Cabinet approves establishing work groups for studying economic issues

Damascus, SANA – Chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, the new Cabinet discussed in its first weekly session on Tuesday means for developing its work, internal system, the consultative council, and relations between ministries, in addition to forming economic and financial subcommittees.

The Cabinet approved establishing specialized work groups in cooperation with ministries to follow up on economic and services issues and to communicate constantly and directly with citizens, and these groups include a permanent work group to study fluctuations in exchange rates and propose solutions for it.

The groups also include one for supporting agriculture, one for attracting local capitals to participate in the development process, one for studying income procurement and invested public sector properties, and one on studying projects for impoverished rural areas.

The Cabinet also discussed a memo from the Industry Ministry on the state of stalled and damaged industrial facilities and projects, the difficulties affecting the industrial sectors, and suggesting for improving industrial production.

The memo pointed out that the Ministry has 42 operating industrial companies working at varying production capacities including 10 that are partially operation, while there are 46 companies and branches that are completely inoperative.

The memo specified the projects with economic feasibility that will focused on in the next stage which are the Hama Iron Company, the Damascus Glass Company’s float production line, the Syrian-Ukrainian Company for manufacturing photoelectric cells, and a company for producing solar-powered water heaters.

The Cabinet then reviewed the state of small and medium projects, with a memo from the Economy and Foreign Trade Ministry stating that a work team has been established to carry out two evaluations for these projects: one for agricultural and livestock production projects in the coastal region, and one for furniture production projects in Damascus Countryside.

The Cabinet also discussed a memo from the Electricity Ministry on providing power to agricultural projects and well.

Hazem Sabbagh

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