Catholicos Aram I heads a mass in the occasion of Christmas in Aleppo

Aleppo, SANA- Armenian Orthodox denomination in Aleppo celebrated Christmas on Friday by holding a divine mass headed by Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia of the Armenian Apostolic Church, His Holiness Aram I Keshishian at the Virgin Mary church in Aleppo city.

Delivering the Christmas sermon, Aram I Keshishian pledged to God to preserve Syria and grant it more strength, hoping that security and peace will prevail in the whole world.

He pointed out that the terrorist war against Syria failed to achieve its goals in targeting the unity of Syrian people, affirming that Syria will return better and stronger than before.

Catholicos Aram I said that the Armenian people are proud of being a part of the Syrian social fabric so they shared the Syrians joys and sorrows and contributed to building Syria.

The French delegation currently visiting Syria and a number of the People’s Assembly members participated in the mass.

Manar / Ghossoun

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