The Syrian-Russian Culture Week kicks off in Lattakia

Lattakia, SANA – Activities of the Syrian-Russian Culture Week, organized by the Ministry of Culture, kicked off Saturday at Dar al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia.

The Russian military marching band opened the evening playing songs and musical compositions from the Russian heritage. Later, the Ghabala band presented artistic shows from the Syrian folklore.

Head of Culture Directorate in Lattakia, Majd Sarem, said this event conveys a message of amity to the Russian people and leadership for their firm support to Syria and it is to show the whole world that we, in Syria, love life, peace and art and defend our homeland.

The event, which lasts till the19th of October, includes dance and ballet shows, folk arts and traditional crafts, musical concerts, a photo exhibition, a symposium on Russia’s tourist destinations and archeological sites and the screening of a Russian film dubbed into Arabic.

R. Raslan / Ghossoun

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