Locals of Qudsaya city call on gunmen to leave the city immediately

Damascus Countryside, SANA-The city of Qudsaya to the west of Damascus Countryside witnessed on Friday noon mass demonstrations against the armed groups deployed in the city.

Local sources told SANA that hundreds of families took to the streets after Friday prayers in Qudsaya, condemning the practices of the armed groups and calling on them to leave the city immediately.

The sources pointed out that the locals carried banners which confirm their eagerness to return to their normal life and to restore security and stability to the city and to remove all obstacles that prevent implementing reconciliation.

They also stressed the need to evacuate the gunmen who do not want to engage in reconciliation and to settle the legal status of the rest of gunmen who want to return to their normal lives.

Last November, 119 gunmen were deported along with their families from the city of Qudsaya in the framework of the efforts exerted by national reconciliation committees and Syrian the Red Crescent to evacuate Qudsaya city from weapon and gunmen.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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