Army reinforces its deployment in Yarmouk Basin in Daraa countryside

Daraa, SANA- Syrian Arab Army’s units continued to reinforce their deployment in several villages and towns of Yarmouk Basin in Daraa northwestern countryside.

Meanwhile the process of settling the legal status of tens of gunmen, the wanted, and military deserters from the locals in the countryside of the province and handing over their weapons has continued at the settlement center which had been opened by the competent authorities in al-Shajara village, Daraa Countryside.

Over the past hours, the army units reinforced positions with a number of vehicles and military vehicles transporting soldiers, and military equipment in M’ariya village on the outskirts of the occupied Syrian Golan from the western and the southwestern directions, the Jordanian border to the south, and in the villages of al-Shajara and al-Qaseer in Yarmouk Basin in Daraa northwestern countryside, according to SANA reporter.

The reporter added that the army units entered the villages and the towns of Yarmouk Basin amid a warm welcome by locals, who chanted slogans glorifying the Syrian Arab Army and the sacrifices it made to restore security and stability to their areas and create conditions for their normal life.


Shaza Qreima

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