Defense Minister, Chief of Staff visit army posts on occasion of Army Day

Damascus, SANA-Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, caretaker Defense Minister Gen. Imad Jassem al-Freij, visited Friday a military post on occasion of the 69th anniversary of the Syrian Army foundation , inspecting performance and congratulating the soldiers on the occasion.

Defense Minister, who was accompanied by a number of high ranking military officers during this visit, stressed that the takfiri terrorism serves the interests of the Israeli entity which is waging an ongoing aggression against Gaza.

Defense Minister 2

He affirmed that the people of Syria and the region are the ones who have the final say in the matters of their region, and that they will never submit to the will of conspirators or occupiers.

Gen. al-Freij praised the personnel of the Syrian Arab Army for their heroic deeds in the battle against terrorism, wishing them success in upholding their national duty.

Similarly, the Army’s Chief of Staff, Ali Ayyoub and a number of officers visited another post, where they congratulated the soldiers on the anniversary and hailed their efforts and sacrifices in defending the homeland from terrorists.

Gen. Ayyoub said that victory over terrorism is nearly at hand, as terrorists’ morale is plummeting due to the consecutive defeats they are suffering at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army.

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On this occasion, the Armed Forces organized celebrations consisting of speeches and military and sports displays, with commanders of army divisions and units pledging to restore security and stability to every inch of Syria, no matter the sacrifices that may entail.

The commanders also visited martyrs cemeteries and placed wreaths on monuments there.

Defense Minister: Syria is within an inch of a decisive victory

On the same occasion, Gen. al-Freij gave an interview to the Syrian TV in which he said the dirty war waged against Syria is one the toughest wars known in history.

“The war against Syria is one of the toughest because it is a composite war where traditional war is intertwined with guerilla war and urban warfare, al-Freij explained, adding that it is a military, economic, political, diplomatic, technological, and intelligence war, all at once,” he said.

Al-Freij, said that the anniversary this year comes as the Syrian army and people are fighting a fierce war against terrorism, adding “this is an occasion to draw lessons from the values of the Syrian army, which are an incentive for more determination and will in the face of terrorism until security and stability are restored.”

The Syrian army is a full-fledged school in patriotism, heroism and sacrifice, al-Freij affirmed, saying that the army, since its inception, has defended the Arab causes and championed the rights of the Arab nation.

“There is no denying the role that the Syrian army has played since independence in defending the Palestinian cause, which lies at the heart of the Arab just causes,” al-Freij said, indicating that the multitude of victories that the Arab resistance is scoring is but an example of what the Syrian army and people have offered for Lebanon and Palestine.

He indicated that an objective glance at the repercussions of the war against the countries of the region is enough to grasp the importance of the role that the army plays and the lessons with which it enriched the military schools, grabbing the interest of strategic studies’ centers.

The reasons and factors behind the Syrian army steadfastness are many, al-Freij said, putting it down primarily to the nature of the Syrian army which “comes from the ranks of the people.”

What he described as a “creative integration” between the people and army and their loyalty to their wise leadership has yielded a “qualitative steadfastness” that was not possible for great armies.

Chief among the factors of success is the “clear insight” of President Bashar al-Assad since day one, and his foreknowledge of what was being planned which, the defense minister added, has allowed the Syrian leadership a margin for maneuver and making the sound decisions.

He also cited the Syrian people’s “awareness, unique patience and perseverance” as important factors in winning the war, as well as the ability of the Syrian army to switch to fighting in an untraditional war against terrorist gangs and urban warfare.

Al-Freij urged everyone who “strayed from the right path” to return to their common sense and take advantage of President al-Assad’s call for the errant citizens to mend their ways.

“Ending up in the traitors’ camp bequeaths nothing but disgrace and humiliation,” he added.

“He who thinks that what remained of the gangs of killing and criminality can do what a three-year-war failed to is self-delusional,” al-Freij said, proclaiming victory in the strategic war that was won thanks to the Syrian army.

Al-Freij concluded by an emotional address to the Syrian army and saluting martyrs, saying “we are within an inch of achieving a decisive victory.”

M. Ismael / M. Nassr / H. Sabbagh

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