First stage of Syrian Speed Auto Racing Championship kicks off

Damascus, SANA – Racer Anas al-Qawadri emerged on top at the first stage of the of the 11th Syrian Speed Auto Racing Championship, with the champion of the 10th championship Ahmad Hamsho coming in second while Mohammad Kreizan came in third.

Speed 6

In the special production cars division, Iyad Afghani tanked first, Amin al-Khodari second, and Anas Zabadani third, while in the front-wheel drive commercial production division Nawras Abdelbaqi came first, and Louay al-Fawwal ranked first in the rear-wheel special production division, while in the amateur division Mohammad Baradie came in first.

The race is organized by the Syrian Automobile Club (SAC) and sponsored by the Tourism Ministry, and it’s the first of the SAC’s events for this year. It was held at the SAC’s racetrack in Ma’aret Sednaya in Damascus Countryside with the participation of more than 30 contestants.

Hazem Sabbagh

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