Ambassadors, Diplomats, clergymen in Moscow show support for Palestine on al-Quds Day

Moscow, SANA – Arab and international ambassadors, diplomats and political figures met on Friday in Moscow to express their support to the Palestinian people in their struggle to retrieve their rights in establishing their state with al-Quds as its capital.

In the meeting which coincides with the International al-Quds Day, the participants warned against the threats posed by Israel and its aggression against the Gaza Strip and its settlement policy in the West Bank.

They condemned the silence of the international community and its institutions, adding that the international community is carrying out double-standard policy.

Syria’s Ambassador in Moscow, Riad Haddad, stressed the importance of al-Quds Day as al-Quds is an issue of concern not only for the Palestinians but also to all Arabs, Muslims and Christians.

He stressed that the war on Gaza is a war on Syria, adding that the Isareli aggression came after the so-called “Arab Spring” had failed in fragmenting the region and restructuring it along to religious, sectarian and ethnic lines.

M. Nassr/ M. Ismael


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