Russian diplomats:  Terrorists in Idleb will be eliminated

Moscow, SANA_ Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science Viacheslav Nikonov confirmed on Tuesday that terrorists in Idleb will eliminated  despite the procrastination of the Turkish regime and the unwillingness of the Americans to do so.

On the agreements reached between the Russian leadership and the Turkish regime on terrorists in Idleb province,  Nikonov told SANA reporter in Moscow that the Turkish regime avoids fulfilling its  obligations regarding that .

“The Ankara regime is delaying the solution of this issue based on its own interests where it has been backing  many of those armed groups  in Idleb which Russia considers them purely terrorist groups.”

He clarified that the Americans continue to block the exit of Syrian displaced from al-Rukban camp and consider  them as hostages.” Unfortunately they (Americans) will continue to hold the displaced using the armed groups linked to them.” Nikonov said.

In a similar statement , Vice-President of the Russian Council for International Affairs and former ambassador to Damascus Aleksander Dzasokhov said that every participant in the process of settling the crisis in Syria should comprehend that  this country must  emerge from this crisis unified and independent .

Dzasokhov  pointed out that the settlement must prepare for the program of the reconstruction of Syria through the realization of large projects linked to reviving its economy and the return of its displaced citizens to their homes to participate in building their country.

He pointed out that Russia is working to reach a result obliging all participants in this settlement, including the Turkish regime, to abide by the agreements reached, especially the resolutions of the Astana process.


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