“I Belong” initiative kicks off in Poland

Warsaw, SANA, Activities of the Syrian initiative “I belong,” were kicked off Wednesday in Warsaw in the presence of Undersecretary of state, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Joanna Wronecka, a number of ambassadors and Syrian community members in Poland and Europe.

The initiative activities include a forum with the participation of journalists, academics, officials and social figures that will focus on terrorists’ crimes in Syria and miniatures of Syrian heritage.

Tourism Minister Bisher Yazigi addressed the opening ceremony via Skype by saying the initiative is launched to be an open space for every Syrian and Syrian-lover in the country or abroad to play his role in belonging to humanity which starts from the Syrian land.

Minister Yazigi stressed that Syrian expatriates prove their loyalty to the home country, their will to preserve its human heritage and put an end to the terrorist war launched against its civilization and culture.

In Turn, Syria’s Ambassador Idris Mayya pointed out that Syria, which embraced tens of ancient civilizations, is considered the motherland of Humanity, pointing out that “I belong” initiative aims at preserving archeological heritage for its importance and value not only for Syria but also for whole humanity.

Syrian Expatriate Samer Waheb pointed out that the presence of the Polish friends affirms that they support preserving the human heritage wherever is and they are known for a long time of being peace and amity seekers among peoples.


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