PM: Syria has been able to confront challenges due to struggle of workers

Damascus, SANA-Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi affirmed on Monday that Syria has been able to “challenge the economic unfair siege due to the struggle of workers and their determination to go ahead in their work and production and rehabilitate their factories which were targeted by terrorism.”


Al-Halqi was speaking at the 4th session of the Council of General Federation of Trade Unions in the presence of a number of ministers who talked about the situation of electricity, drinking water, reform program and combating corruption.

He briefed participants on the situation of service and economic sectors in light of the terrorist systematized attacks on institutions which caused a drop in the public resources and service indicators of electricity and water, transport and decrease in the standard of living.

“The government has sought to achieve balance between resources and available potentials in order to boost the struggle of army, people and productive companies,” al-Halqi said.

He added that “the humanitarian file is a pressing one” and the government has approved the response plan for humanitarian purposes to ensure relieve means and good life for the displaced and compensate the affected people.

The Ministers answered questions raised by a number of MPs on service and economic issues.


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