Premier al-Halaqi inaugurates 750 housing units in Damascus countryside

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Wael al- Halaqi inaugurated on Thursday 750 housing units in Qudsaya suburb in Damascus countryside.

The inauguration of the SYP 3.5 billion–worth housing units marks the 45th anniversary of the glorious Correctionist Movement of November 16th, 1970.

After the inauguration, al-Halaqi asserted the government’s interest in the residential sector for being strategic and development one, highlighting that inaugurating the housing units stems from the importance of insuring the appropriate and well residences for those with limited incomes, mainly the youth, what contributes to achieving social and psychological stability among them.

He affirmed that what distinguished these projects is that they provide work opportunities, the matter that could decrease the unemployment phenomenon.

General Housing Establishment, according to al-Halaqi, has accomplished and will accomplish 5000 housing units until the beginning of the coming year, adding that the government’s housing program will be soon later in Maarouneh area in Damascus countryside.

Al-Halaqi considered the housing units’ inauguration an evidence that the process of recovery and rebuilding is continuous where the government works on many fronts in parallel with fighting terrorism and providing life requirements for the citizens to alleviate the effects of the economic war imposed on Syria.

For his part Director General of the Establishment Suhail Abdul Latif asserted that the establishment accomplished 60 percent of the first four stages which include about 12.000 departments, adding the remaining percentage is still under way where 30 to 90 percentage of it was accomplished.


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