The government committed to providing services and paying workers’ salaries in Raqqa, PM stresses

Damascus, SANA, Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi reaffirmed Sunday the governments’ keenness to provide all services and basic needs to the locals of Raqqa province in north-central Syria.

He was speaking during a meeting with members of the People’s Assembly representing Raqqa on Sunday.

People of Raqqa have been suffering a lot since the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) spread in their province in 2013. The terrorist organization committed the ugliest of crimes against the civilians, including beheading, mutilation and crucifixion.

It has intimidated the residents by all means to quash any signs or attempts of protest.

The government, the Premier said, is committed, as it has been since the suffering started, to supply Raqqa residents with all livelihood needs and food provisions and continue paying salaries to the state workers there.

The government has been careful to keep electricity, water and health services running in Raqqa and paid close attention to the agricultural and animal sectors in order to reduce the locals’ suffering as much as possible, a matter that was appreciated by the MPs during the meeting.

Haifa sAID

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