PM: 70% of water needs in Damascus provided , water amounts to Aleppo to be increased

Damascus, SANA – Upon directives of President Bashar al-Assad, Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi inspected the water situation in Damascus on Saturday and toured a number of water transferring, processing and distribution institutions.

He said that despite the terrorist attacks on water resources and infrastructure, nearly 70% of the water needs are being secured currently, adding that water is routinely checked and tested to ensure it is pure, clean and suitable for all uses.

He stressed Damascus has no problem in the drinking water and that the concerned bodies are taking all measures to provide sufficient needs in all conditions, including digging new sells and activating subsidy wells.

As for the situation in Aleppo, PM al-Halqi said Aleppo is basically suffering from a power problem which reflects negatively on the work of water pumps and filtering units, adding that currently about 50% of water needs are being supplied and this amount is to be increased thanks to the improvement on the electricity situation in the province.

Wael al-Halaqi-water 6

Al-Halqi said more than 23 wells were rehabilitated in Aleppo and 10 new ones were dug, adding that the government is making all possible measures to ensure water flow despite all challenges, whether related to terrorist attacks or natural causes.

Premier al-Halqi also visited a number of military posts in the area and hailed the efforts exerted by the army and armed forces to restore stability and security to the homeland, adding that Syria will remain firm in face of all enemies thanks to the unity of its people and sacrifices and heroic acts of its army.

M. Nassr

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