Commercial Bank branches open for business in Damascus Countryside, Tartous, and Homs

Damascus, SANA- The Commercial Bank of Syria opened three branches for business, including relaunching the branch in Jdaidet Artouz in Damascus Countryside, Branch 6 in Tartous, and Ikrema services office in Homs, as part of the bank’s plan to provide alternatives to branches, offices, and banks that have been closed as a result of current conditions and to reduce pressure on central branches.

General Manager of the Commercial Bank of Syria Firas Salman said in a statement to SANA that the branch in Jdaidet Artouz resumed work as a result of the improved security conditions in the area, the increase in numbers of people in the area, and to ease pressure on Damascus branches, noting that two ATMs within the branch are now in service.

Salman added that a branch in Tartous was transferred to branch 6 to provide its services to more people, and that the banking service office in Ikrima neighborhood in coordination with the Homs governorate, offering full banking services in addition to making transactions for paperwork for the governorate.

The bank opened a service office in Adra in Damascus Countryside in May and put four ATMs in Jaramana city and Quneitra province.

Qabas / Hazem Sabbagh

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