Updated-A civilian killed, three injured in a terrorist explosion in Qamishli

Hasaka/Damascus, SANA- A civilian was killed and three others were injured when a Saudi suicide terrorist blew himself up Sunday inside Hadaya Hotel, at al-Wahda Street in al-Qamishli city center in the northeastern province of Hasaka.

A Police source told SANA that a suicide terrorist, wearing an explosive device belt, blew up himself inside Hadaya Hotel, at al-Wahda Street in al-Qamishli city.

“The suicide terrorist killed the guard at the hotel gate before sneaking into the hotel basement to blow himself up, where he was killed, three other people were critically injured and material damages were caused at the explosion site”, the source added.

Later Sunday, a source at Qamishli police said the suicide terrorist was a Saudi national.

On May 31st, a civilian was killed and two others were injured by an explosive device that terrorists from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) planted went off in Qamishli.

Damascus Countryside

Meanwhile, terrorists detonated an explosive device they had earlier attached to a car in al-Sabboura area in the western countryside of Damascus.

A Police Command source told SANA that an explosive device went off in a car with a forged registration plate that was parked near a marble factory on the road linking Qura al-Assad and al-Saboura town.

The source noted that the explosion caused material damage to the car.

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