The army and Resistance determined to eliminate terrorists in al-Qalamoun

Damascus countryside, SANA- The heroes of the Syrian Arab Army and Lebanese Resistance made a remarkable turnout in round-the-clock war on the Takfiri terrorism through achieving successive victories in al-Qalamoun battle and wiping the floor with the terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations from Flita barrens.

A few weeks were enough to inflict heavy losses upon the mercenaries of Al Saud, Future Movement (Tayyar al-Mustaqbal) and the Syrians’ enemies in al-Qalamoun battle dubbed “Hills Battle” due to its complicated geographic nature.


The battle launched from Isal al-Ward Mounts to al-Jebeh Mountains, Ras al-Ma’ara and the strategic Tallet Mousa in which the terrorists’ dens and fortifications were crushed, while the terrorists escaped leaving large amounts of arms and ammunition that debunk their affiliations.

A field commander told SANA that Flita, which becomes safe today, locates on the northern side of al-Qalamoun Mountains extending at 110-km length and 63 km width, adding that the Syrian army and Resistance control 70 percent of al-Qalamoun Mountains with such rapidity thanks to the steadfast fighters and the military tactical operations which hastened smashing the terrorists.

Another field commander asserted that after the army and Resistance controlled Tallet Mousa, the terrorists spread out at the mountains, from al-Thallajeh hill in Flitah until the northern hill which they thought to be the first line of defense from the side of Lebanese Arsal mountains , Jabjhat al-Nusra stronghold, but the heroes of army and Resistance destroyed their vehicles and fortifications in special operations and controlled the terrorists’ supply lines.


During the past 24 hours, the army and Resistance have been controlling the hills of al-Thallajeh, northern Sadr al-Bustan and al-Shorouq , areas of Shmeiset al-Hsan and al-Blokosat and some crossings as Shehadeh , forming first defense line extending westward to the Lebanese territories and eastward to Flita barrens.

The commander pointed out that terrorists’ control has shrunk from 600 sq km to 200 sq km thanks to the triumphs achieved by the Resistance and army, highlighting the element of surprise used by the popular defense groups and Resistance heroes who accelerated to break down the terrorists’ defense lines.

He added that Syrian army, Resistance and popular defense groups developed a plan in which they depended on collecting full and detailed information using all the necessary techniques and the air and field reconnaissance missions to observe the terrorists’ movements and places and to target their supply lines and command centers.


The plan, he clarified, works on two basic norms, the first is to understand the geographic natures of the terrain, while the second is to depend on small groups of fighters to reach the terrorists’ dens and vehicles and bomb them, to have the terrorists retreat from the strategic points which they thought that were fortified.

Eventually, The Takfiri terrorists, who were defeated by the strikes of the army and Resistance in Qalamoun Mountains, will meet the same fate at all hills, valleys and mountains they exist in by the Syrian army and people who are determined to fight terrorism and eliminate it from their own country.


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