1st conference of charitable associations’ Union kicks off in Damascus

Damascus, SANA- Participants in the first conference of the Union of Charitable associations stressed the importance of activating contacts between local associations and competent authorities to promote the level of services provided to displaced and poor families.

During the conference which was organized by Social Affairs ministry on Wednesday, the participants called for establishing a fund for providing required support to local associations in order to facilitate its relief and humanitarian tasks.

They referred to the necessity of networking the union with international relevant organizations in Syria through Social Affairs ministry to make the union able to upgrade the submitted services, particularly in medical services, in addition to offer the needs of associations from Fuel and logistic materials required for doing work.

For her part, Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shammat affirmed the importance of upgrading the activities of Charitable Societies to meet required needs, pointing out to the significance of supporting charity associations which face difficulties in their work to help families in need, in addition to activating the union programs related to Combating begging and supporting people with disabilities.


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