Syria expresses solidarity with Iran, affirms its right to self-defense

Damascus, SANA- Syria expresses solidarity with the Islamic Republic of Iran and reiterated its condemnation of the Zionist aggression against the Iranian diplomatic headquarters in Damascus.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry condemned in a statement Sunday all Zionist attacks on the sovereignty and integrity of the Syrian territories, especially the Syrian civilian facilities, including the airports of Damascus and Aleppo, and other infrastructure, which caused the death of numerous Syrian citizens.

In response to the Zionist aggression against the Iranian Embassy in Damascus on the first of the current April, the Islamic Republic of Iran launched a series of strikes on Israeli military targets after midnight on Saturday as these strikes came within the framework Iran exercising its right to self-defense and in accordance with what is stipulated in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, the ministry said.

The ministry considered that the failure of the UN Security Council to fulfill its duty to maintain regional and international peace and security allowed the Israeli entity to exceed red lines and violate the basic principles of international law.

The Foreign Ministry added that the United States and its Western allies prevent the Security Council from exercising its role in maintaining international peace and security, which confirms the lack of respect by these countries for the Charter of the United Nations and international law.

Shaza Qreima

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