Syria condemns the recommendations of the European Parliament, rejects interference in its internal affairs

Damascus, SANA- Syria affirmed its absolute rejection of any interference in its internal affairs from any party, under any pretext, expressing its condemnation of the recommendations issued by the European Parliament, which are full of lies.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement, that in recent days, the European Parliament discussed what it called its recommendations regarding European policy on Syria, and it followed these discussions and was informed of the recommendations issued by the European Parliament that can only be described as blatant and disgraceful interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

The Ministry affirmed that Syria’s strictly condemned and absolutely rejected of any interference in its internal affairs from any party under any pretext, stressing the Syrian people sacrifices and continues to sacrifice in the face of terrorism, which was supported and financed by the governments of member states of the European Union.

It  added that the decision-makers and their terrorist agents made desperate attempts to mislead, incite and strived to exonerate their governments and the other involved governments in facilitating the recruitment and financing of terrorists.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that the political solution in Syria will only be the result of a purely national process led by the Syrians themselves, without any external interference, and is committed to the principles of freedom, independence and respect for the sovereignty of states as stipulated in the Charter of the United Nations.

The Foreign Ministry reiterated that the Syrian State will continue to take firm steps that respond to its national interest and the interest of its people in ending the terrorist war.

The Ministry expressed Syria’s thanks to all those who voted against this “empty” decision, and strongly condemned the vote in favor of this miserable resolution that is full of racist expressions and ideas rejected by the civilized world and by the Syrians themselves.


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