Mrs. Asma al-Assad meets representatives of humanitarian and charitable associations, civil society organizations

Damascus, SANA- “The holy month of Ramadan this year comes different from previous years, as the living conditions we are experiencing in Syria are more difficult, and the regional and international circumstances that the world is witnessing directly affect us and affect the charitable work, especially in the month of charity.”

These and other challenges were at the heart of the first lady Mrs. Asma al-Assad’s dialogue with a group of representatives of humanitarian and charitable associations and civil society organizations in Syria.

Her Excellency praised the role of civil society and its ability in Syria, which has been prominent in times of crises and has been meeting the needs of the needy people in silence.

She stressed that charitable work in Syria does not stop because it is not only a duty, but it is an expression of our belonging to our homeland, our identity and the spirit of our society, and it is one of the highest acts, but it becomes more sublime when it becomes general.

This can only be achieved by coordinating efforts among civil bodies which leads to integration of results, reaching the largest set of goals, and the widest category of the needy people, and consequently achieving justice in the geographical spread and distribution for the poorest areas, and socially for the neediest groups, Mrs. Asma said.

Representatives of the associations presented their visions of charitable work in Ramadan this year and the priorities for assistance, whether at the level of social segments or in terms of the type and fields of assistance.

The most prominent challenges that affect the charitable work of associations during the holy month and the rest of the months of the year were also on the table.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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