Sabbagh: Syria rejects attempts to politicize the humanitarian situation in the country

New York, SANA- Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Bassam Sabbagh, said that Syria rejects efforts to politicize the humanitarian situation in the country.

“The international efforts to address the repercussions of the earthquake must now focus on helping reconstruct infrastructure and tackle the damages that affected the utilities,” Sabbagh said in a speech at UN Security council session on the situation in Syria on Tuesday.

Sabbagh added that Syria spares no effort to facilitate the urgent response to the impacts of the earthquake.

“Syria is keen on delivering humanitarian aid to all affected people,” Sabbagh said.

He added that restrictions imposed on hospitals in Syria and the abstention of international companies to sell medicines and medical equipment have aggravated the suffering of the health sector, including the duration of Covid-19 and the earthquake.

“The US illegitimate dominance on oil and gas wells in the north-eastern part of Syria and the smuggling of petroleum to the outside of the country has deprived the Syrians from these materials and their USD billions-estimated income,” The Syrian diplomat said.

Mazen Eyon

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