More than 62,000 hectares of wheat crops harvested in Daraa

Daraa, SANA-  wheat harvest operations in Daraa are near to finish completely and the harvested area has reached up to 62,100 hectares out of the total harvestable area of ​​63,235 hectares.

“The Agriculture Directorate provides farmers with the necessary support, particularly in the field of fuel, to ensure the total marketing of the province’s entire production at the grain centers and seed multiplication centers” Head of Agriculture Directorate in Daraa province, Eng. Bassam al-Hashish said in a statement to SANA Thursday.

He added that the planned area for the cultivation of irrigated and rainfed wheat in the current season amounted to 89,257 hectares, while farmers in Daraa planted 96,149 hectares.

According to al-Hashish, most of the areas planted with rainfed crops have gone out of production for reasons related to the decrease in rainfall at the province level and others.

To date, the quantities delivered to the grain and multiplication centers in Daraa have exceeded 37,000 tons.

Bushra Dabin/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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