Massar launches exploration adventure to develop children skills

Damascus, (SANA)-Massar project of Syria Trust for Development on Thursday inaugurated Massar exploration adventure as the first initiatives of project “Massar Flower” at the old Fairgrounds in Damascus.

The event comes in the framework of the project’s efforts to ensure an environment that guarantees the education of children, providing them with skills and information to develop their personality, boost their growing-up as individuals and deepening their belonging to their homeland.

“The adventure uses distinguished technologies, multiple educational means which depend on vision, exploration and conclusion to make children active learners, capable of exploiting the concepts and knowledge to serve themselves and society,” the project’s director Danya Ashe said.

She added that Massar adventure is a trip of growing up and exploration in which the children, between 6-15 years old can live through roaming among 20 interactive exhibitions distributed among 7 pavilions.

“They pass through different scientific and knowledge experiences- personal, national, societal, environmental and scientific- to develop their mental, social and sense skills, as well as helping them activate their role at house, school, neighborhood and region,” Danya Ashe said.

She affirmed that “Massar Flower” has become a reality by the efforts of the teamwork, volunteers who have spared no effort in order to make the project a success.

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