Algeria rejects foreign intervention in Syria’s domestic affairs, Algerian MP says

Algeria, SANA-Algerian Vice-President of the People’s National Assembly, Ben Thabet Azzi, reiterated his country’s stance on Syria, which rejects foreign intervention in its internal affairs and calls for reaching a political solution to the crisis in the country.

“Algerian-Syrian bilateral relations are an example to be followed by Arab countries,” Bin Thabet said during a ceremony of founding Algerian-Syrian Parliamentary Fraternity and Friendship Committee in Algiers in the presence of Syria Ambassador to Algeria, Nameer Wahib al-Ghanim.

He renewed his country’s firm stance towards Syria, calling for eliminating terrorism with all its forms, and for finding a political solution through comprehensive dialogue which preserves Syria’s security, stability, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In turn, Ambassador Al-Ghanim stressed the importance of establishing the fraternity and Friendship Group as it will have a great impact on parliamentary work in the future, reminding of the deeply-rooted and historical relations between the two brotherly countries.

He referred to the agreement of political stances of the leaderships in the two countries.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah/ Mazen Eyon

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