Under patronage of President al-Assad, activities of 11th conference of National Progressive Front start

Damascus, SANA- Under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad, activities of the 11th conference of the National Progressive Front kicked off Monday in Sahara complex, Damascus countryside, in the presence of Vice- President of the  Front, Maj. Gen. Mohammad al-Shaar.

Al-Shaar, representative of the President to the conference, said that the Front has formed a remarkable status in Syria and established political and party pluralism and embodied the aspired-for national unity.

“The clarity of vision and insight of the founding leader Hafez al-Assad was the basis for the call to the establishment of the front and setting a correct vision of its concept as its establishment was considered an inevitable necessity imposed by the situation to achieve the unity of struggle and the principles of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party.

Al-Shaar stressed the importance of the role of the Front during the current circumstances in which Syria, led by President Bashar al-Assad, is facing challenges at various levels, being attacked in more than one side by internal, regional and international enemies to undermine its independence and unity and affect its national firm stances.

In turn, Assistant Secretary-General of the Central Command of the Party, Hilal Al-Hilal, pointed out to the importance of reviewing the past stages of the front’s work, with all the tangible developments witnessed in  Syria and major events to which the Arab nation, the region and the world were exposed, to enhance the positive aspects and address the negative ones with transparency and clarity.

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