Do you know that the largest restaurant in the world is in Damascus?

Damascus, SANA- Do you know that the largest restaurant in the world is in the city of Damascus in Syria and it broke the Guinness World Record as the largest in the world?

Bawabet Dimashq (Damascus Gate) restaurant, located on the road to Damascus International Airport, was opened in 2002.

It is the largest restaurant in the world, as listed by the Guinness World Records. The restaurant has a 54,000 sq-m dining area, 2,500 sq-m kitchen and can serve 6,014 people.

The restaurant received the title as the largest restaurant in the world by the Guinness World Records on May 29, 2008, taking the title from Royal Dragon restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, which caters to up to 5,000 diners.

The restaurant has features such as waterfalls, fountains and replicas of archaeological ruins of Syria, and six culinary themed sections for Indian, Chinese, Arab, Iranian, Middle Eastern and Syrian Cuisine.

The restaurant was closed for seven years during the terrorist war waged against Syria, and in 2018, it reopened its doors to visitors after liberating the Eastern Ghouta from terrorism.

Translated by: Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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