Guarantor states renew strong commitment to Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity

Sochi, SANA- Guarantor states of Astana process renewed strong commitment to Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and safety and the UN charter and principles, stressing the need to globally respect and adhere to these principles, in addition to the continued cooperation till eliminating the terrorist organizations in Syria.

In the final statement of the 15th International Meeting on Syria within Astana Format, held recently in the Russian city of Sochi in 16-17 of the current month, Guarantor states of Astana process (Russia, Iran and Turkey) stressed determination to combat terrorism in all its forms and to face the separatist agendas which aim to undermine the Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity and endanger the security of the neighboring countries.

Guarantor states condemned the increase of the terrorist acts in Syria which lead to claiming the lives of innocents, and agreed on continuing cooperation in order to eliminate Daesh, Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations and all other terrorist groups and entities linked to al-Qaeda and Daesh and other terrorist groups as they were identified by the UN security Council along with protecting the civilians and the civil infrastructure in a way that match with the international humanitarian law.

They reviewed the situation in the de-escalation zone in Idleb, asserting the necessity of full implementation of all the agreements in its regard.

They discussed the situation northeast of Syria and agreed on that long-term security and stability in the region could not be achieved but on the basis of maintaining Syria’s sovereignty and territorial safety, expressing rejection of all attempts to create a new reality on the ground under the pretext of combating terrorism.

They also expressed rejection to illegal plundering of the revenues of the Syrian oil which should by for Syria.

Guarantor states condemned the Israeli repeated aggressions on Syria as constitute flagrant violation of the international law and humanitarian law and aim to undermine sovereignty of Syria and neighboring countries and endanger the stability and security of the region, calling for stopping them.

They renewed commitment to move the political process led and owned by the Syrians forward and to facilitate it by the UN based on the UN Security Council’s resolution no. 2254, pointing out to the important role of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution which was formed due to the decisive contribution of the guarantor of Astana process and to enhance the outcomes of the Syrian national dialogue conference in Sochi.

They expressed deep concern over the humanitarian situation in Syria, particularly in light of the outbreak of Coronavirus, indicating that this epidemic represents a deep challenge to the health reality in Syria and affects the social, economic and humanitarian situation.

They also rejected the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on Syria which contradict with the international law, the international humanitarian law, the UN Charter, particularly in light of the spread of the coronavirus, citing the calls of the UN secretary General and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in this regard.

They called for the necessity of increasing humanitarian aid to all the Syrians across the country without discrimination, politicization and pre-conditions in order to  support improvement of the humanitarian conditions in the country and achieve progress in the process of the political solution, calling on the international community  and the UN and its humanitarian agencies to help Syria in the process of reconstructing the infrastructures, including the water and electricity networks, schools and the hospitals, in addition to the humanitarian works related to demining based on the provisions of the international humanitarian law.

The guarantor states stressed that the 16th International Meeting on Syria within Astana Format will be held in the Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan in the mid of the current year.

The 15th International Meeting on Syria within Astana Format started activities on Tuesday in the Russian Sochi Resort at the Black Sea coast with the participation of the Syrian Arab Republic delegation headed by Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Ayman Sousan, in addition to the delegations of the guarantor states of Astana Process, and representatives of the countries that enjoy the observer status in the Astana process, namely Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan as well as the delegation of the United Nations headed by Pedersen.

Hala Zain


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