Sousan: Turkish regime protects terrorists, Syria rejects any foreign interference in Committee of Discussing Constitution

Sochi, SANA- Head of the Syrian Arab Republic delegation to the 15th International Meeting on Syria within Astana Format has underlined the necessity of the Turkish regime’s abidance by the agreements signed with the Russian side for eliminating the terrorist organizations and ending the abnormal situation in the de-escalation zone in Idleb.

Sousan, in a press conference at the conclusion of the international meeting, said that  delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic held many bilateral meetings within the framework of the 15th  round of Astana, including the Russian and Iranian friends and the special envoy for Syria Syria, Geir Pedersen, and the Iraqi delegation.

“The talks underlined the importance of Astana frame and the outcomes it achieved in terms of combating terrorism,” Sousan said, adding that Syria has conviction that more positive results can be achieved at various levels if the Turkish regime adheres to the understandings with the Russian side.

He stressed that during the meetings, the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic reiterated the importance of keeping away from politicizing the humanitarian issue in Syria and the importance of delivering aid to those who are in need  without any discrimination or politicization and in light of full respect for Syria’s sovereignty.

Sousan said “The Turkish regime protects the terrorist organizations in a blatant violation of all the international laws and conventions, and cutting off water to Hasaka city by this regime for more than 18 times and sometimes for more than a month amounts to the level of war crimes.”

He added “Syria rejects any foreign interference in the work of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution which is owned and led by Syria.”

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