Sabkha clans: We strongly support any resistance to liberate the Syrian land from any occupation

Raqqa , SANA – Citizens of the tribes who are living in Sabkha area in Raqqa countryside affirmed their support to any resistance that aims to liberate the Syrian lands from the occupation, and their standing by the uprising of the Al-Akidat tribe and other clans in Deir Ezzor against arrogance of the US-backed QSD militia.

Sabkha clans announced in a statement during a solidarity stand with Deir ez-Zur tribes their strong support to any resistance that aims to liberate every inch of Syrian land from any form of occupation.

In their statement, the tribesmen denounced the crimes of targeting and assassinating tribal leaders and national and social symbols which have a social role and humanitarian presence in those regions.

Manar Salameh/ Mazen Eyon

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