A national stand in Lattakia to condemn so-called “Caesar Act”

Lattakia, SANA-Participants in a national stand that was organized by “the Disabled Association” and their friends on Wednesday condemned the so-called “Caesar ACT” and the unilateral, coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian citizen.

The participants in the stand, which was held in front of the governorate building in Lattakia, raised the national flags and affirmed their denunciation of the so-called “Caesar Act “and the  US policies  that target the Syrian  resilience.

They told SANA reporter that the stand was held to condemn the US policies that target the Syrian livelihood, noting that the Syrians have defeated terrorism and they will overcome the repercussions of the unfair, coercive Western measures.

The participants added” we came to convey a message to the enemies that Syria will remain resistant against Trump and the so called “Caesar Act.”

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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