No Eid without Maamoul…People start to make it a week before the coming of Eid

Damascus, SANA_ The Maamoul, which is one of the most famous Damascene sweets and made of flour and margarine and other ingredients, is still the first choice of Syrians for Eid sweets with its different fillings.

With the last days of the blessed month of Ramadan, the smell of Maamoul emanates from the houses and neighborhoods of Damascus and other Syrian cities as an event to celebrating the coming of Eid.

Many families are keen to prepare it at home, while some of them buy it from the market, even with the high prices of its components.

Syrians, in every Eid, used to prepare the Maamoul with Ajoua (Dates), pistachios, nuts filling, or one of the different kinds of jams such as narnage, citron and they serve it beside Barazek and Ghraybeh which are very famous in Damascus, not to forget the Arabic coffee.

Owners of sweet shops and confectioneries display the sweets, including Maamoul, in artistic ways to attract the attention of people as some of them display the sweets in a pyramidal beautiful way and others choose to display them in different artistic shapes.

Start making Maamoul first by making the dough, filling the cookies, forming them and baking them, then to be sprinkled with Arabic ghee after taking them out from the hot oven.

Maamool is usually formed into unique shapes using hand carved wooden molds that not only make look special but they help you tell what type of filling is in each one.


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