Health Minister: No Coronavirus cases in Syria until now, work continues to increase readiness

Damascus, SANA – Health Minister Dr. Nizar Yazigi said that precautionary measures are still being taken and readiness for confronting Coronavirus (COVID-19) is being increased, noting that all test results conducted so far have come out negative and that no cases have been registered to this day.

In a statement to journalists on Saturday, Yazigi said that in addition to setting up al-Zabadani National Hospital as a fully-staffed quarantine center, the Ministry is also working to prepare other places to serve as quarantine centers for Syrians who come from countries where infections have been registered for 14 days and conducting tests to verify their health condition.

He said that there is coordination with all the other ministries in order to achieve full integration in confronting the Coronavirus by taking steps to keep citizens at homes because self-isolation is the best method of preventing any infection or outbreak.

Hazem Sabbagh

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