US-backed Qasd militia continues repressive measures against families in al-Jazeera

Hasaka, SANA-The US-backed militia of Qasd continues its brutal policy against civilians of Syrian eastern al-Jazeera region. It killed a child in al-Gharb village in Hasaka southern region on Tuesday.

Local sources in Hasaka southern area affirmed reports which talk about the death of child Osama Obeid, 13, of injuries he sustained in fire bullets launched by members of Qasd after storming the child’s house.

Fearing to take him to the coercive recruitment camps, Osama escaped when the militia stormed his house, shooting him to death.

The sources added that when families tried to rescue the child, Qasd members also shot fires at them, injuring three other civilians.

Qasd militias always storm the houses in villages of Hasaka countryside under the pretext of searching for “sleeping cells” of Daesh terrorists to arrest young men and children for the coercive recruitment camps.

Those militias set fire to tens of thousands of hectares, planted with wheat and barley this season because the families rejected to cooperate with them.

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