On anniversary of liberating Quneitra….The return of occupied Syrian Golan inevitable   

Damascus, SANA- All the Syrians in general and the Syrian people in Quneitra province and the occupied Syrian Golan in particular on June 26th recall proudly the moments of victory against the Zionist enemy and the restoration of Quneitra city to the homeland in 1974 while they are more confident of their ability to face what is being hatched against Syria of colonial and terrorist conspiracies which target  its frim resistant stances in the region.

June 26th, 1974, is the day on which Late President Hafez al-Assad hoisted the national flag in Quneitra after it had been liberated by the Syrian Arab Army from the clutches of the Israeli enemy thanks to the heroism and sacrifices of the army personnel and the resilience of the Syrian people during October Liberation War and what it had proved of clear facts, on top Syria’s right to restore all of the occupied Syrian Golan.

The anniversary of liberating Quneitra comes today in coincidence with the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism which is backed by the US and some Western states and Israel all over the Syrian territories.

Marking the June 26th eternal anniversary, the Syrians affirm determination more than ever to continue their struggle till liberating the occupied Syrian Golan and every inch of the Syrian lands whether from terrorism or from the occupational forces which support it.

History has never witnessed more savage or barbaric force than the Zionist enemy which had destroyed Quneitra City and today it continues its hostile practices against people of the occupied Syrian Golan, yet people in the occupied Golan stand in the face of these practices undeterred by all the measures taken by the occupation forces.

People of the Golan strongly adhere to their belonging to the homeland Syria and they affirm rejection of all the arbitrary measures taken by the Israeli occupation against them, expressing determination to liberate the Golan and to return to the homeland no matter how long the occupation will be.

The anniversary of liberating Quneitra from the Zionist occupation comes today to herald the near final triumph over terrorism and the liberation of all the Syrian territories from it as the bravery personnel of the Syrian Arab Army who had liberated Quneitra in the past, are today very close to achieving the final victory over Takfiri terrorists who wanted to spread their dark and narrow-minded mentality in Syria, the cradle of civilizations.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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