SANA participates in the 6th News Agencies World Congress (NAWC), Sofia

Sofia, SANA- The 6th News Agencies World Congress (NAWC) started activities on Thursday in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia under the title of (News Future) with the participation of news agencies from tens of states including the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The three-day conference started activities with a general session attended by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and several directors of news agencies and editors-in-chief including SANA Director-General Abdul-Rahim Ahmad and Charge de Affairs of the Syrian Embassy in Bulgaria Mohammad Mohammad.

President  Radev said in a statement during the opening of the conference that the future of news means the future of humanity due to its role in forming the awareness and the behavior of the society.

“Therefore; we are in need for the information and the true news to face the torrent of false news witnessed by the modern media world, particularly the social networking websites which constitute a devastating danger threating nations’ future more than bombs, and this entails a role to be played by the news agencies,” President Radev said.

The conference will discuss the future of news in light of the challenges imposed by modern telecommunication means and the social networking platforms, in addition to studying means of guaranteeing the continuity of the flow of correct information which are useful for the society.

The conference will also tackle means of facing misleading media which have become common over the past few years, in addition to ways of obtaining resources for the news agencies along with preserving their independence.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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