US-led coalition targets Deir Ezzor countryside with internationally –banned bombs

Deir Ezzor, SANA- The US-led coalition launched a new aggression against residential areas in Deir Ezzor on Monday, claiming the lives of three children.

Civil sources told SANA ‘s reporter that the US-led Coalition’s warplanes shelled during the past hours the residential neighborhoods in al-Shaf’a town in Bukamal countryside , killing three children and injuring many civilians.

The sources added that the coalition is striking the civilians’ houses in al- Shaf’a town under the pretext of combating Daesh (ISIS) terrorists , causing the displacement of hundreds of the civilians due to the bombs.

The assault on al-Shaf’a comes less than 48 hours after a massacre carried out against Hajin town by the international coalition, causing the martyrdom of 15 civilians , mostly women and children.

In the same context, civil sources at Hajjin town , 110 km east of Deir Ezzor confirmed that internationally –banned white phosphorus weapons bombs were dropped by the aircrafts of international coalition on al-Souq al-Jadeed in the town.

Many civilians were injured, and fire erupted in many shops and houses due to the assault.


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