Ghossoun family: Bright boxing stars in Syria’s sports scene

Damascus, SANA – Boxing has been part of Ghossoun’s family for a long time. The five siblings, trained by their father, champion Hussein Ghossoun, have made great achievement in local, national and international competitions.

Ahmed (23 years old), Ali (24), Alaa (26), Somar (31) and Mohammed (29) are proud of their accomplishments through their sports career.

Boxer Ahmed, who won gold medal at the Mediterranean Games held in Spain, told SANA that they started boxing from a very young age and thanks to his father’s efforts to train and encourage them, they have the confidence to compete against famous boxer names.

He said that his first foreign participation was at World Boxing Championship held in Kazakhstan in 2011, adding that other participations include Asian Boxing Championship for juniors in Russia where he won a bronze medal and the Youth Asian Boxing Championship in 2014 obtaining a silver.

In men’s category, Ahmed won a silver medal in Asian Boxing Championship in addition to several gold medals at Kazakhstan Boxing Tournament, the Elite Boxing Championship in Iran and Algeria.

Ahmed expressed his ambition to win Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games gold, noting that he will do his best to raise Syria’s flag in this international sports event.

While Mohammed succeeded to gain several medals in international championships including two gold medals in World Military Boxing Championship in Brazil 2011 and the Asia Boxing Championship held in South Korea 2011.

Somar won a gold medal in men’s Arab Boxing Championship and a silver in men’s Asia Boxing Championship.

Alaa followed the path of his successful siblings and made remarkable accomplishments as a boxer in the national team. He harvested the bronze medal in the Asian Youth Boxing Championship held 2010 in Iran.

Alaa shined in Kazakhstan obtaining a gold at World Boxing Championships held in Astana, a silver in Atyrau and a bronze in Pavlodar.

The last star in the family is Ali who won the title of the Republic Boxing Championship and took the 16th position in the rankings of the Youth World Boxing Championship.

R. Raslan/Ghossoun

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