Mikdad: Failure of enemies of Syria to achieve their goals pushed them to reconsider their stances

Beirut, SANA – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad stressed that enemies of Syria, after their failure in achieving their schemes to subjugate Syria and the Arab region, are reconsidering and re-drawing their policies to confront the Syrian resistance in the upcoming stage.

In an article published by the Lebanese al-Binaa newspaper on Saturday, Mikdad said that the flagrant interference of the western countries and their tools in Syria’s internal affairs and their attempt to change the standing national regime in it, following their success in other Arab countries in the frame of what they called the “Arab Spring” , is the “origin of the plight”.

“There are two top priorities to solve the crisis in Syria; countering terrorism and achieving further national reconciliations, Mikdad said, pointing out that countering terrorism necessitates that all countries including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and the Western countries to stop financing , arming, harboring and facilitating the coming of the terrorist organizations to Syria and Iraq.

He reiterated that if some  leaders, particularly in the Gulf  countries and in Turkey which support the armed terrorist organizations, started to deny what they have committed to save their heads, then the so-called them “Syrian opposition” should turn around and retreat from their  stances in supporting terrorism.

The Deputy Foreign Minister called upon everyone who has desire to end terrorism in the region to abandon using the terms of moderate and non-moderate opposition, as everyone who carries a  weapon in his country against his people is a “terrorist”.

Mikdad said  that some parties’ betting on the foreign intervention in Syria is not logical nor ethically acceptable, asserting the need for the presence of the opposition for building the future of the pluralistic Syria.

“Syria believes in the political pluralism and the opinion and the other opinion as the experience of the National Progressive Front, which recognizes the parties engaging in it, proves the value of the political pluralism in Syria and the possibility of developing the democratic work,” Mikdad  went on saying.

The Deputy Foreign Minister concluded his article by reiterating that the political solution cannot be except among the Syrians led by the  Syrian leadership on the Syrian ground.

Hala Zain/ Mazen

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