After liberating their city from terrorism, Douma residents eager to return to their houses and farms

Damascus, SANA – “We have suffered dark times under the yoke of terrorism. We have been waiting this moment so long,” said Douma residents while they were heading to their houses after the liberation of the Eastern Ghouta at the hands of the Syrian army.

The movement in Douma streets, the reopening of shops and the accompanying noise indicate that the life is gradually coming back to its normal rhythm after the eradication of terrorist groups and the exit of Jaish al-Islam terrorists to Jarablos.

A growing sense of hope and optimism prevailed. People are eager to return to their houses and farms and children who were deprived of their right to education are so glad to go back to schools.

Rehabilitation works are underway to repair what has been destroyed due to the terrorist attacks. Units of Internal Security Forces entered the city to enhance security and stability and maintain the lives of civilians.

Within the framework of the Syrian government’s unremitting efforts to turn the wheel of life, Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and a number of civil organizations, established mobile clinics and formed special teams to provide psychological support services to Douma inhabitants, particularly children.

R. Raslan / Ghossoun

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