Foreign Ministry: Turkish government is continuing its misleading propaganda campaign against Syria

Damascus, SANA – An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Minister said that the government of the Justice and Development Party in Turkey is continuing its misleading propaganda campaign against Syria, which includes false allegations about the use of chemical materials.

In a statement on Wednesday, the source said that the destructive role played by the Turkish government when it comes to Syria has become clear, as this government harbors terrorists, trains them, arms them, and facilitates their entry into Syria, in addition to providing them with chemical materials – something which the Turkish judiciary is still investigating – and purchasing oil stolen from Syria by ISIS gangs, not to mention dismantling Syrian factories and stealing their components in order to undermine infrastructure and the progress made by Syria in the field of development.

The source said that the Justice and Development Party government, which is fabricating the contents of the report by the UN committee which is still investigating the allegations on the use of chlorine gas in Syria, is violating with its policies the decisions of international legitimacy on counterterrorism, specifically Security Council resolution no. 2170, and this means that this government has no credibility whatsoever when it talks about abiding with international law and conventions.

Hazem Sabbagh

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