Syrian community in France stresses Syria’s sovereignty and right to fight terrorism

Paris, SANA – The World Humanitarian Day festivity, held in the city of La Courneuve in France, witnessed considerable participation by the Syrian community, whose members reiterated their rejection of any foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs and condemnation of France’s policies regarding their homeland.

In statements to SANA, the Syrian participants said they attended the event to inform the audience about the terrorism targeting Syria and how the Syrian people are standing up to it.

Waving Syrian flags throughout all activities of the festivity, the Syrian participants said they received a warm welcome by the French citizens participating in the event.


In turn, French artists expressed in statements to SANA their rejection of the French polices regarding Syria, adding that what is really happening in Syria is a systematic war that is linked to U.S. imperialism, which aims at controlling the entire world.

The World Humanitarian Day festivity has been held each year since 1930 in France. It takes place in the second weekend of September.

A number of associations and parties from several countries participate in the event, which receives about 900,000 visitors every year.

Mohammad Nassr/ Hazem Sabbagh

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